Hi, Christina Fryle

Hi, Christina Fryle

Hi Christina Fryle, editor of the magazine Trädgårdsamatören, member magazine for Sällskapet Trädgårdsamatörerna.

Why do you think you should become a member of the Society of Garden Amateurs?

- You get to learn a lot. We organize a lot of lectures, plant markets and garden tours around the country. And you can find seed varieties that are not available elsewhere, via the seed list in our magazine and on the website. In total, we have around 3,000 different seed varieties.

Are most women or men members?

- Mostly women, but I think we have more male members than there usually are in many other garden contexts. Maybe because we are a little more scientific and concrete. It's not so much about decoration - although garden amateurs of course also want to have something nice in the garden.

What are the most popular activities?

- The plant markets are very popular. There you can find plants you would not find otherwise. A lot of people usually come to the larger markets, some travel far to be able to bargain.

Do members show their gardens to each other?

- Yes, a lot. We publish a garden guide in the March issue of the magazine, with a list of gardens you can go and look at. Many people find it fun to show their garden to others who are just as interested as you are.

The company of garden amateurs:

Tel: 08-590 343 21.

Poster: Chinese Dancer 3

The Chinese city of Suzhou is famous for its beautiful ancient gardens and summer residence. The dancer practices in an enclosed courtyard in the "Garden of Education". The picture is part of a series of three.

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Klinta Trädgård AB (eng. ”Klinta Garden”) was founded by us, Peter Korn and Julia Andersson, when we took over the location of former herb & vegetable nursery Klinta Kryddor & Grönt in the autumn of 2015.

Julia has a degree in Landscape Planning from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and Peter is an autodidact plantsman. We both have extensive experience in the fields of horticulture and landscape design.

Peter Korn, Julia Andersson & Jonathan Bloch.
Photograph: Christina Fryle

In our daily work at Klinta Trädgård AB we design, consult and build perennial plantings in public and private spaces. We both teach at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp. We also run a small nursery business that keeps us supplied with plants for our projects as well as our favorite otherwise-hard-to-get perennials. Jonathan Bloch Lynbech is our employee since 2018, and has the nursery and plant propagation as his main responsibilities.

Our aim is to create a garden at Klinta inspired by our favorite gardens of Great Dixter and many others creating different rooms and filling them with perennial plantings in abundance. This will take a few years to accomplish, so until then we will keep our garden to ourselves.

Our vision for the future however, is to make Klinta into a meeting place that connects people in the field of horticulture with landscape architects, universities, ecologists and other people with great expertise and insight into the interaction between humans, nature, garden and landscape. With the aim to help implement sustainable and beautiful environments in public and private green spaces. As a part of this work, we arrange seminars, courses and conferences, in order to make people meet, exchange knowledge and to make the building of new networks possible.

Urban Growth - Perennial Plantings Beyond Nature is our second conference of this kind. The first was in 2017. We hope that also this time, it will lead to many new collaborations nationally and internationally.

Chat with Benny Rosenqvist March 18, 2021

By Benny Rosenqvist, Published 2021-03-19 08:31

It is fantastic when you feel joy, despite difficulties. It is a joy to realize that you have grown when life has been the hardest. It is a gift to be able to help oneself understand that through the difficulties the insights come to even the greater self. Happiness is being true to oneself and daring to sincerely do what one feels is the important thing in life. We have more power than we think we can handle. We have much more answers within us about how difficult things really should be when we listen to our intuition. The fantastic gut feeling that shows us the way right in life. It is also a gift to opt out of fear. For it is always an enemy to make wise decisions. Do not forget to be loving towards yourself too. Hug Benny

I often feel like people who have passed away during my life, do I imagine?

You have a sensitivity to the other side. You are both highly sensitive and media so you can both see and experience messages from the other side. Hug Benny

Hi Benny How does the man I'm getting married get into my life? What does he look like?

He comes in friendly. So your relationship starts as friends. He always has big clothes. Among other things, I see a shitty-looking coat with large black buttons that go in a pattern of gray. He is a blonde cendré with clear blue eyes. He is painful, thin. It's a lasting relationship. Hug Benny

Dear Benny! Sincerely hope for an answer this time. My family has had so many setbacks and tragedies, is not it time for us to turn around soon or is this how life will continue? Do you see anything about this? Hug

Adversity and tragedy also develop us. But there must be a limit to how much you can handle. This limit has now been reached for you so now it turns and happiness and joy come into your lives. Hug Benny

Youth love

Why can I not remove a person from my youth from my brain. Over 20 years ago. I was unhappily in love with him and he has never really left my head. Usually still run at him from time to time.

You have lived several lives together. He has entered into your self and heart in such a deep way that you cannot understand why He does not disappear into your soul and heart. You will somehow get your love in a few years. But you have to live in the meantime. Things happen at their own pace, when it's meant. Hug Benny

You've seen a separation for my sister before. Has it approached? I do not trust her husband at all. It has also ruined my relationship with my sister.

Your sister is not happy in her relationship but loves this man immensely. The man is terribly manipulative and completely controls your sister as a person. She will find out for herself that she is not happy in the relationship and will end it with him. You will then have a much better relationship again. Even super good, as you had before. Hug Benny

Hi Benny! A close friend of the family passed away quickly and very tragically a few weeks ago. Was it my son who felt so strongly a couple of days later, if so, what did he want to convey?

Your son is medial and he will receive messages from the person from the other side because he has chosen to help him develop his gifts. They have also had a previous life together where the man who passed away was your son's big brother so it has strong ties between them. He will receive clear messages from him. Hug Benny

Hey! I wonder if my temporary position I have now will be a permanent position. I feel so good.

First there will be a temporary position and then a vacancy that you get. Hug Benny

Hi Benny. Hoping for answers now, I am unhappily in love with a man, thinking about him all the time, affecting my whole everyday life, consuming me, when will these difficult feelings go away? Do not know what I should do

Unfortunately, I can not say anything positive, but this you have to work out of your head as it will not be you. BUT sometimes a greater love is required, and there comes one so that you can be free from these great feelings you feel. Hug Benny

My mother and I are so different in everything. How come I do not see any similarities either on the inside or the outside?

You have never met in previous lives either, so spiritually you have no connections to each other. You have gone down to learn from each other's differences instead. It is also growing. Hug Benny

Have felt cigarette smoke several times here at home, the strange thing is that none of us smoke, Do you have any explanation? Have asked before but have not received an answer.

This is a woman who smokes who is your partner's relative. She smoked chains. She is not thin, but round. Her hair is striped, thin and fine. Hug Benny

Do I have an unknown brother and when / how will I meet him in that case?

You have it. You will meet him and you will have a lot of fun together. Hug Benny

Hi you said that I had bought a farm last time but the seller is very bad at hearing from me and thinks we are stingy .. Will she understand that it is a reasonable offer or will it be another farm?

You will be able to get this farm but she comes with a counter-offer which means that you have to raise the offer a little. Hug Benny

Help Benny! My sister from Kristinehamn who lives in a newly renovated summer cottage. Lives there full time. In the kitchen by the kitchen island, she sees / saw, among other things, a woman and a man. Another time she saw a cat walking on the kitchen island and a dog walking on the floor. Is it a portal or? She is lying in the bedroom and looking out towards the kitchen when it happens.

Here is a portal to the spirit world that must be closed. Otherwise it will be a heavenly run. The animals have had owners who previously lived on the plot. Hug Benny

Hey! Youth love found me via Facebook after 50 years. We have daily contact. We live very far apart and I wonder if we have a future together?

Love can be far away sometimes, but in the heart it is close. You will move close to each other so you really have a love together. Finally, after all these years, it's your turn. Hug Benny

Hi Benny! After my great childhood love has passed away, he is often in my dreams during sleep. Is it a coincidence or is it something he wants to say?

How beautiful that he communicates with you in the dream. The spirit world uses the dream as a tool when we meet. It feels so real when we see them. He just wants to say that he wants to be your guardian angel and that he loves you. He always did. You are the great love of his life. Hug Benny

Hello dear Benny! I wonder what just happened! Talked to a friend on the cell phone when it suddenly started beeping and crackling! I asked who is it? Then it was a hoarse and crooked voice that said "mom"! O the bedroom was lit up 3 times! Was it my dear mother who wanted to say something to me? So grateful for the reply hug

She just wanted to talk to you and will contact you and show up for you in the next few days in some other way. So wonderful with this communication from the other side and congratulations on your experience. Hug Benny

Hi Benny, I'm worried about my adult daughter. She has not had a permanent job. Does she get into working life? Still living at home. I think she is very highly sensitive.

She will get a job and work with a service-oriented job as a form of assistant to a woman. At work, she also meets a boyfriend and becomes the mother of a little girl. He has had children before, two of them. He too is highly sensitive so he understands how she works. Hug Benny

Will our daughter move away from home this year

She will listen from home this year but only in late summer / autumn does she know where to move. Hug Benny

Hi Benny, I just met a wonderful person where everything feels so natural and easy. Is this a soulmate? Hug

It is definitely your soulmate. This is the man you will live with. As you say, everything feels natural and easy. Of course it should be you. Take care of what you have. It is not obvious that you do, so be grateful. Hug Benny

Hi Benny. My name is Anders and I am 44 years old and have met a girl who is 11 years younger than me. We have a lot in common, but there is a big difference in age. I would like to have children as soon as possible, but she can wait for a few years. So my question is if it will be her and me and if so, when children come into the picture, or if it is my intention to meet someone else who is closer to my own age? Take care of you / Anders

Right now it's you. But you will not have children together. She is an extremely important love in your life who will teach you to love and be loved under responsibility and with freedom. Then a woman comes in who is only five years younger than you who becomes the mother of two children with you as a father. Hug Benny

At the end of December 2020 I moved into a new house, the first days I heard a murmur of voices in my new bedroom, walked around and looked out the window but did not see anyone, the voices are gone now. Can you see who was here with me. Thanks thanks thanks

The place where you have your how has previously been an ancient monument. They wanted to see who you were for some. You will get more experiences from the Stone Age village. Hug Benny

Hi. Will I meet my beloved cats on the other side? They miss them so much. Do they visit me sometimes? How are they?

Of course you do. In addition, they visit you at home, one of the cats wants to lie on his chest and spin and he does so even now. It's a little powerful. The other is slimmer and more muscular. Hug Benny

Hi Benny. A few weeks ago, I woke up to someone stroking a finger over my hand. Got scared and screamed, felt like someone was squatting under the bed. After that, our dog does not want to sleep in the bedroom. What / who was it?

This was your guide who came to show that he is close to you. You asked for a sign from the other side and now you got it. You have a very careful guide who is a soft and pleasant man. He is an old Catholic monk with a string at his waist and a coat that is brown in a woven fabric that looks rough. He is also barefoot and has hair on his toes. He stands up straight. Hug Benny

Hi, I'm feeling very bad. My boyfriend Tobias broke up with me yesterday, just after I had an abortion at his request. It feels pitch black. Thought he was the one I was going to live with. Is he coming back or did I find happiness with someone else?

He will want to come back, but he does not deserve it. As they say "dump him": There will be a better one. My grandmother always said that "buses and men should not be run after, there are always new ones". Good luck! You are truly worthy of the love that is to come. He has missed the chance for something amazing, namely you. You will be a great mom in the new relationship. A boy who loves to eat as much as he can and a girl who you can snuggle with the food. Hug Benny

Hi Benny! Will my one daughter and my relationship be good? So that I do not have to trip on my toes

It will be good with your daughter and your relationship will be calmer, easier and communicative, because it is not communicative now. You will all have a nice family cohesion again, as you always had before. Hug Benny

Hi Dear Benny! Wondering if my fatigue and difficulty concentrating will let go and disappear? Would love to return to my old self.

You have worked a lot and had a lot of underlying stress with yourself. You have leaked, energetically. Soon you will get back your original energy-filled self. Your positive outlook on life will also return. You will be you again! So good. Hug Benny

My beloved father died in 2008. During all these years, his mobile phone has been lying in an office with my mother. Since it has been 12 years, the mobile is quite discharged, but one night it rang in my mother's mobile and it showed an SMS from dad's mobile, but no text. After that, mother could not sleep, and around 05.00 it rang again, and another empty text message from father. Of course we wonder what it is, and is it Dad? What does he want? Thanks in advance and with the hope of a soon pandemic-free world.

It's dad who contacts. You can not get clearer signs. He just wants to show you that he is around you. It happens at night because that's when he gets total attention from your mother but he's always around looking at her. He will give new signs and bring messages in her dreams. He does not want to scare her. Hug Benny

Hi Benny! I live in an unhappy relationship where I feel locked in and trapped. I do not develop as a human being but stand and stomp in the squirrel wheel in the same way day in and day out. This is not the man I'm meant to be with. Will there be a change in that? Is my soulmate out there and have I met him? Hugs to you!

You yourself have answered that you are finished in the relationship you are in, and I see that. Maybe you should look at what you learned from it and why you are left when you get so depressed by the lock and feel so unfree. You will meet your soulmate. You have met him before and will meet him again. but he is also bound today, so you both must be free. Hug Benny

Hi dear Benny! I wonder if you can see how it will go for me and my dog ​​this year when we will compete? Hug Bea

It will go well for you. You are well interacted so if you keep your nerves low you can go far. You have the finest contact in the world. Your dog is incredibly smart and easy to learn but a little stubborn. Such a matte such a dog! Hug Benny

Hi Benny !! I no longer thrive in my workplace, there are big changes and stress, my energy is gone. Can you see if I will get a new job or stay, age against me. Can you see something positive so I get the energy back. Hope for answers

All the signs say you're in the wrong place now. That the workplace is complete and that, despite your age, you will change jobs. They want an old aunt with as much fine knowledge and joy as you have for life. You are an asset. Do not forget it! Hug Benny

I so long for children and we have struggled for almost 1.5 years with this. I feel such despair and hopelessness and wonder what you can see?

Hello Jenny! It's not your fault, it's in your head. You are afraid of not getting pregnant. Relax and enjoy each other. You have such a nice love between each other and that is where you have nice children. Hug Benny

Is this the love I've been waiting for? He calls and calls. Hug ❤️

Yes, he who calls and calls is your coming love. Congratulations and good luck! Hug Benny

Hi Benny! We have long dreamed of our own house, will we build on the plot we found?

Yes, you will. The plot has a fantastic natural location and you will get a nice house with fresh energy. God what many windows! It will really be bright. Hug Benny

Hi Benny Hoping for an answer this time. I have been living alone for 12 years. Would love to meet someone to live with. Is he out there the big Love? Hope!

You have not lived alone, you have lived with yourself. That means you have learned to like yourself. So now you have opened your heart to the great love that is out there, and are waiting for you. He is quite many years younger than you are, 7-8 years. He is taller than you and lives on a large foot, size 45-46 in shoes. It is a lifelong love you will find. Hug Benny


Hi, I've (finally) probably met the right one. Think it was her you predicted in the chat 3.5 years ago to me. After many broken relationships where I have been hurt, I have a lot of fears that appear now when it starts to get serious in this relationship. What can I think of or do to both develop and make it work as well as possible? She feels very good to me otherwise !!

Congratulations on meeting the right person! So amazing that you have now met the right girl. Now it's just your fear you have to overcome. It feels very good. It's hard when you have been let down and hurt. As we know, fear is the worst enemy of love. It takes courage to love another human being. And it's you, brave. Hug Benny

Hi Benny! I think I've met the man in my life! But he is difficult to flirt with! Will it be us? I'm totally confused! Please help ❤️! Hug Ninna

What a good thing he's hard to flirt with. You need it! How does it feel in the heart? And in the stomach? Is it so that it feels good there and does not spin in the head, it is right. And my stomach and my heart say this is good. You will have a good relationship with him. You are worth it. Hug Benny

Clean the garden now - and then enjoy

Christina and Leif Fryle in Varberg are true enthusiasts and plant collectors. In just five years, they have transformed an ordinary Halland villa garden with a large and flat lawn into an exciting oasis of 1,400 square meters with thousands of different plants, level differences, winding corridors, garden rooms, stone areas, sumptuous perennial beds and a rippling stream that waves to a pond with goldfish and goldfish.

- It is probably the first completely ice-free day in the pond, Christina states.

Strangely enough, spring seems to come a little earlier to the garden at the far end of a dead end street in central Varberg, than it does to the rest of us. Everywhere in Fryle's garden, there are signs that the gray and cold season is over for this time, irises, crocuses, spring donuts, snowdrops and Christmas roses in all colors look forward in the well-kept garden.

- But we do not really have a spring garden. Above all, we have a lot of leafy plants, says Christina.

April and May are the most labor-intensive months of the garden year.

But there is every reason not to lie on the lazy side now - if you with a good conscience should be able to lie in the hammock when it is most beautiful this summer, and just enjoy the splendor of the flowers.

If you want to be free in the summer, it is important to start early, Christina and Leif advise. To simply welcome the unwelcome weeds in the gate.

- If you wait, the job will multiply, says Leif Fryle.

They spend a large part of their lives interested in gardening and when we come to visit, most of the spring cleaning in the garden is already completed. It starts as soon as the frost goes out.

- Although it must be nice to be out too, says Christina.

Now it's time to divide the autumn flowering perennials, cut back the old flowering on the heather, summer flowering clematis and hydrangeas, thin shrubs, start clearing the pond, improve soil in the flower beds and, and, and och At the same time take it easy and be afraid of its winter tired back.

By the way, Leif Fryle has a good tip for everyone who is not attracted as much by gardening.

- An audiobook in the ear makes you not want to quit!

c But we have no spring garden, really. Above all, we have a lot of leafy plants.

Video: Me Singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele - Christina Grimmie