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Mini test: Bird feeder Information

Mini test: Bird feeder

Feeding birds is both a benefit and a pleasure. Place the feeder near a bush where the birds can seek shelter. Feed the solid feeder with four compartments for different types of food, which attracts several types of birds. PLUS: Holds a lot and does not need to be refilled as often. Stable. Fun and different design.

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Information About Sweet Potatoes Information

Information About Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Internal Cork : What Is Sweet Potato Feathery Mottle VirusBy Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistSpeckled leaves with purplish borders may be pretty but can be the sign of a serious disease of sweet potatoes a?? feathery mottle virus. The disease is transmitted by tiny insect vectors and can be difficult to diagnose and control.

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Growing A Dietes Iris Plant: Info On The Care Of Dietes Flowers Information

Growing A Dietes Iris Plant: Info On The Care Of Dietes Flowers

By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY GardenMore gardeners are growing a Dietes iris (Dietes iridioides) than in the past, especially in USDA hardiness zones 8b and higher. Dietes cultivation is growing more popular because of the plant’s attractive, stiff, spiky foliage and multiple, showy blooms.

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Bemeria Information


A plant such as Boehmeria belongs to the urticaceae family. It is represented by compact trees and perennial herbaceous shrubs. In nature, it can be found in tropical and subtropical regions around the globe. The leaves have a spectacular appearance.

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Balsam Information


The Balmasita is also called with the common name of St. Peter's Grass or "bitter grass" and is part of the Composite family. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, which can reach a remarkable development, up to a height of 80 -100 centimeters: moreover, it has an erect posture, with angular and extremely branched stems, while the roots are creeping and particularly fibrous.

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How to create a mood garden. North wind garden Information

How to create a mood garden. North wind garden

Garden of the North Wind In every gardening there are wonderful gardens, houses, amazing things, created by human hands, on which the gaze rests and the soul rejoices. And this is not always your garden. For yourself, your beloved, your garden or vegetable garden is still very good: you put your strength, soul into it, you live next to it, and it is your favorite one.

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Haworthiopsis bruynsii (Pad Haworthia) Information

Haworthiopsis bruynsii (Pad Haworthia)

Scientific NameHaworthiopsis bruynsii (M.B.Bayer) G.D.RowleyCommon NamesPad HaworthiaSynonymsHaworthia bruynsii, Haworthia retusa var. bruynsiiScientific ClassificationFamily: AsphodelaceaeSubfamily: AsphodeloideaeTribe: AloeaeGenus: HaworthiopsisOriginThis species is native to South Africa (restricted to a small area in the Eastern Cape).

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Information About Cinnamon Ferns Information

Information About Cinnamon Ferns

Home › Ornamental Gardens › Foliage › Archive for Cinnamon FernsGet Started Cinnamon Fern Plant Info: How To Grow A Cinnamon FernBy Jackie CarrollCinnamon ferns are tall, stately beauties that grow wild in swamps and on moist mountain slopes of eastern woodlands. This interesting fern is an asset to any shady landscape.

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Information About Red Jade Vine Information

Information About Red Jade Vine

Jade Vine Plants: Information On Growing A Red Jade VineBy Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden WriterIn spite of its size and exotic appearance, red jade vine plants aren& 39;t difficult to grow. Want to learn how to grow this tropical beauty in your own garden? The article that follows provides information that can help with that.

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Thalia Plant Care – Growing Powdery Thalia Plants Information

Thalia Plant Care – Growing Powdery Thalia Plants

By: Laura MillerPowdery thalia (Thalia dealbata) is a tropicalaquatic species often used as a showy pondplant in backyard water gardens. They’re native to the marshes and wetlandsin southern states of the continental U.S. Cultivated powderythalia plants are readily available online and in brick and mortar pond supplystores.

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Indoor Hyacinth Care: Caring For Hyacinth Houseplants Post Flowering Information

Indoor Hyacinth Care: Caring For Hyacinth Houseplants Post Flowering

By: Liz BaesslerBecause of their attractive flowers and delicious smell, potted hyacinths are a popular gift. Once they’re done blooming, though, don’t rush to throw them away. With a little care, you can keep your indoor hyacinth after blooming to ensure many more fragrant blossoms in the future. Keep reading to learn more about hyacinth care indoors after blooming.

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Cultivate olive tree Information

Cultivate olive tree

The olive tree is a typical plant of the Mediterranean flora. Widespread mainly in central and southern Italy, the olive tree is also present in the north near lakes and seas, or where the climate is milder. For several years the olive tree has been widespread as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens so that its cultivation is nowadays more and more widespread.

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Information About Ponytail Palms Information

Information About Ponytail Palms

Get Started Propagating Ponytail Palm Seeds – How To Grow Ponytail Palm From SeedsBy Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistPropagating ponytail palm seeds starts with harvesting fresh seed from the ivory white to creamy green flowers. We& 39;ll tell you all you need to know on how to grow ponytail palm from seeds and increase your stock of this wonderful unique plant.

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Raspberry trimming video - how to trim raspberries correctly Information

Raspberry trimming video - how to trim raspberries correctly

Care Posted: Last Edits: Video of trimming raspberries. I will tell you about the operations that we carry out with raspberries during the summer and autumn. Here I have fasteners, you can always lift and walk, everything is simple. The first operation, which is carried out in the spring, at the time of blooming, is to trim the raspberries to the first buds that bloom.

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Origin and provenance of succulents Information

Origin and provenance of succulents

Da dove provengono e l& 39;origine delle piante grasseIn natura, l& 39;estensione geografica delle piante grasse o piante succulente, è notevole (foto sotto). Infatti si sono diffuse un po& 39; in tutto il mondo, in ambienti difficili e inospitali dove altre piante non potrebbero sopravvivere anche se la loro maggiore concentrazione si ha nella zona compresa tra 30° di latitudine nord e 30° di latitudine sud.

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Crocus In Lawns: Tips For Growing Crocus In The Yard Information

Crocus In Lawns: Tips For Growing Crocus In The Yard

By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden WriterEarly-spring crocus have much to offer and they needn’t be restricted to the flower bed. Just imagine a lawn filled with blooms in colors such as bright purple, white, gold, pink or pale lavender. Once established, the thick carpets of color require surprisingly little care.

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Information About Honeyberries Information

Information About Honeyberries

Get Started Honeyberry Growing Tips: How To Grow Honeyberries In PotsBy Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistThe keys to container grow honeyberry plants are the type of soil and the exposure. Potted honeyberries have just as good a chance as in-ground plants to produce an abundant harvest and can add rustic appeal and color to your patio.

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Narcissus flowers Information

Narcissus flowers

Narcissus flowers The narcissus has its origin in Europe and is grown to create flower beds, decorate and beautify gardens, lawns, in pots to decorate terraces and balconies but also as a cut flower. Narcissus flowers are born solitary or in pairs supported by a stem, at the base they are provided with a dry scaly spathe of quite large size, the perigonum has a tube shape and is white-green, the upper part of it is divided in flat formations with a yellow-white egg shape, while the central one is equipped with a yellow crown with colored or not colored serrated outline.

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What Is Armored Scale: Identifying Armored Scale Insects On Plants Information

What Is Armored Scale: Identifying Armored Scale Insects On Plants

By: Kristi WaterworthArmored scale insects are hiding under your nose right now and you probably don’t even know it. Read on to learn more about these strange sap-sucking insects.What is Armored Scale?Of all the garden pests you’ll meet as you cultivate and love your garden, armored scale insects may be the most interesting and frustrating.

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Hi, Christina Fryle Information

Hi, Christina Fryle

Hi Christina Fryle, editor of the magazine Trädgårdsamatören, a member magazine for Sällskapet Trädgårdsamatörerna. Why do you think you should become a member of Sällskapet Trädgårdsamatörerna? - You get to learn a lot. We organize a lot of lectures, plant markets and garden tours around the country.

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